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Relieved Helen rushed into the kitche

Looks like he thought about her question for ages, then said:

- Coffee.

Relieved Helen rushed into the kitchen. I look for a jar of coffee, almost broke the cup, but could not concentrate on the preparation of the beverage.

Twelve years have done pretty lean male students, as if carved from stone. Despite the grown stubble, tousled hair and despair, I read in the eyes, Paolo looked great. Much better than his photographs, which she sometimes come across in magazines, laid out in a barbershop. In them, he always came out more or less angry, as if resenting the photographer caught him by surprise.

The woman next to him did not differ similar hatred for cameras whenever beaming a happy smile. And if she does not look happy? At Sapphire Klemendzher has it all. A successful fashion designer fashion houses of Milan branch Bacell she shines beauty. And she has a Paolo.

I forget her name Helen was not possible. According to the gossip columns - the bride, and soon the wife of Paolo Mancini.

- I do not see joy on the occasion of my appearance.

Her back stiffened. Trying to calm down, she began to tinker with the coffee maker. Paolo stood in the doorway, leaning against the doorjamb. He took off his coat, white shirt clearly outlines the powerful torso. Her mouth was dry.

- It is too late, - stammered Helen. - I thought that with Agatha, a neighbor, something happened - she has a bad heart. I worry about them with Eugene. If they come to me ...

Incoherent words died on her lips.

- I think you know why I'm here.

She nodded, resisting the desire shoulders sagged under the weight of leaning. Do not show him how upset she was.

- It must be Khaled married.

- Yes.

Short words slashed her heart.

Knowledge - not strength. Languages ​​- pain.

Helen ought to rejoice in the liberation from the shadow of Khaled al-Atiga. She was not seventeen, when she, in a deal concluded by her father, promised in marriage to Khaled. Then she ran off with Paolo, agreed to marry her before and thus get rid of the unwanted union.

Their hasty civil ceremony has become an insurmountable obstacle for the upcoming wedding, and for the transaction. The probability of persecution by Khaled terrified Helen, and Paolo vowed to save their marriage, while Khaled can not find another wife.

Simple Plan. And none of them had not thought that the search for Khaled spouse may need more than a year or two.

Instead of fear of retribution loomed over them more than a decade, gave Helen opportunity to reflect on the serious relationship with other men and did not allow his family to have Paolo.

Up to the present day.

Now that Khaled married, they both are free.

Only Helen freedom means that you have to break the last link connecting it with the only desirable man.

- What's that, and he chose carefully.

On the cheek muscles twitched Paolo. It became clear that an attempt to defuse the situation failed.

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