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VC condoms and candy: the popular Russian social network will become a brand

The Russian company VKontakte (VC), which owns the social network of the same name, filed with Rospatent application for registration of a trademark vk.com to 19 different classes of goods and services, according to Russian media.

As it became known, in addition to licensing of software, providing access to the forums on the internet, investment, and other relevant activities in the VC list included such items as condoms, candy and perfumes.
It is noted that after obtaining a patent VC will have the right to produce branded wallets, charms, photo frames and clothing, to open the eponymous holiday home, provide ticket services and psychologists.

Media reported that the VC has no plans to produce such a product, but want to protect themselves from entrepreneurs who have already begun to use the popular brand for their own purposes.

In addition to the above, we recall that the first gay VC suffered considerably from Russian anti-piracy law. So, as it became known in early August of this year, the Russian distribution film company Cinema Without Borders has filed a statement in the Moscow City Court to take action regarding the site because of the VC placed in the social network movies.

VC is the most popular social network in Russia. According to data published on the site, registered in the social network of more than 210 million users, of which about 47 million go to your pages VC every day.

Club resourceful: permanent leader WHC earns millions of dollars on the show - Forbes

Russian TV host Alexander Maslyakov through his companies Amick earns on TV coverage, joint touring tours KVN teams and individual performances of participants kaveenovskih leagues at different levels of at least $ 3.5 million a year, says Forbes.ru
In this case, the publication, in the production of content - writing humorous texts, training rooms, etc. - the company can not be embedded.

According Forbes.ru, regional speech commands Amick controls due to the ban on the use of the abbreviation WHC outside official events. For each statement in the regional or central league (except TV), each team is required to pay a fee depending on the level of the game - from several thousand to 20 thousand rubles. Captains of several teams told the newspaper that part of the money will be deducted in the budget Amick, but the bulk of the money goes to pay for work of a writer (which is usually offered by the company) and the rental of the hall for rehearsals.

In addition, the company Maslyakova gets up to 40% of the performance of KVN teams in concerts and corporate parties. As the Forbes.ru director of the Moscow team, which plays in the Premier League, revenue for the ordinary corporate is not less than 50,000 rubles for New Year's - 150 000-200 000. KVN go to such costs, because the demand depends strongly on the degree of their involvement in the established system, in particular on access to broadcast TV appearances, which controls Amick.
In addition, a concert organized by the department of touring. Lucky Alexander five teams in European cities. The boys are heading voluntary-compulsory - can not give up because they play in the season - a former player told a Moscow teams participating in the Major League. In 2005, he says, in one such concert, each team member received $ 100. Another representative of the Moscow team, which plays in the TV league, says that now charge for one performance is just over $ 300 per participant. Sergey Pisarenko of the county town said that at the time of tours Amick team received $ 1,300 for a concert. At the same time, estimated to Forbes, with a total yield of one performance in a hall with a capacity of 700 people is more than $ 20,000.

Jackpot of 15,000 hryvnia completed action "Guess the sound!"

More than two months on the air Nashe Radio sounded a variety of sounds: the writing pen, the wood crackled in the fire, and the rustle of banknotes purring cat ... Listeners who guessed sounds, won tens of thousands of hryvnia! Thus, the jackpot of 37 000 hryvnia tore Oksana sprayed from Odessa, 13000 hryvnia went to Mariupol Svetlana Strutinskaya, 8000 hryvnia won kievlyanin Gregory Malec. And that's without considering the huge number of prizes for 1000, 2000 and 3000 hryvnia, which were won by students from all over Ukraine.
The last sound-job lasted a week on the air, having increased during this time the jackpot of 15 000 hryvnia! Love was able to guess it Minkovskiy from Kiev, with the support of his team: "We played and listened to the campaign from the start, but the call came only at the end. As soon as the sound came on the air, we are co-workers thought it was a manual watering. And when the sound extended understood that this shovel, dig that, and called together all the office, even the director connected! Now at 15,000 won by the whole team go on vacation! "

Take a short break and give their phones can cool off and the rest of Nashe Radio listeners, but not for long - the program director of the station by Roman Davydov promises soon new stock no less vivid: "Guess the Sound" - it was something incredible: 1.5 million calls from wanting to get on the air and 150 000 hryvnia played out - after the action of this magnitude, the following can only be even cooler! "

After a couple of weeks on our radio launched a project that will leave the audience indifferent!

After the scandal with the Bloodhound Gang German himgigant decided to withdraw from the sale of blue-and-yellow freshener for toilets

Large German himproizvoditel, the company Henkel, decided to withdraw from the sale freshener for toilets Lemon-Lime Series Bref Duo Stripes, reports TSN referring to the Ukrainian representative office of the company Henkel.

According to the newspaper, Henkel will stop advertising campaign in all the countries where these products are presented.

"The color scheme of stickers Bref Duo Stripes has been controversial among Ukrainian Internet users. Some combination of blue and lemon yellow caused associations with colors of the national flag of Ukraine", - said the press service of the company.
Henkel's sales declines for toilet freshener, reminiscent of the flag of Ukraine

At the same time the company was assured that such a sticker "is not associated with the state symbols and no meaning, except for the association with specific flavors will not be."

The company decided to stop distributing the product in a color design in all countries, adds TSN.

"We have stopped broadcasting advertising. We apologize for the fact that our products may cause a negative reaction in Ukraine", - reported in Henkel.

As reported, the scandalous behavior of the musician's band Bloodhound Gang during a concert in Kiev Green Theater on July 30 has been construed as an act of public outrage over the national flag of Ukraine. On this fact a criminal case.
Bloodhound Gang in Kiev: was the desecration of the flag of Ukraine?

In turn, fans Bloodhound Gang and many witnesses scandalous Kyiv concert rock band in one voice say that in fact the musicians do not pollute the Ukrainian flag, and certainly did not try to do it on purpose.

Recall that after the scandal with the group Bloodhound Gang in the network has a video infomercial in which the alleged copy of the Ukrainian flag, as claimed by Internet users "is used as an air freshener in the toilet."

Google will be targeted advertising based on the location of the user and his needs

Internet giant Google has allowed to show advertisements in the mobile version of Google Maps after entering a search query.

Thus, as reported, citing Digit.ru on Google, advertisers can target my messages based on the user's location and the fact that he is looking at the map.

It is reported that a new type of advertising users see the Google Maps application for iPhone, iPad and mobile devices on the platform Android. After the user enters a search query in the application at the bottom of the screen displays a block with name, address and reference to the routes to the relevant business organizations.

Reported that the user can deploy this unit to get more information. If he clicks on the advertising message to find the location of the business, it will also see the address, phone number, photos and feedback about this organization.

For example, if a user searches for a mobile device "Italian restaurant", the new ad unit will display information about the nearest such institutions.

According to the Internet giant, Google will charge advertisers a fee for the initial click "get location data", click on forwarding to the bell and someone clicks on the ad headlines.

In this case, the platform Google AdWords customers are required to pay a maximum of two clicks from the category of paid per one message display. For the preservation of information about the company's future, sending it to a friend or navigation Google to charge advertisers will not.

Recall that Google has updated Maps application for Android and iOS in July of this year. In the version of Android for the company abandoned the service locator that allows to leave a mark on the location, as well as from the traditional offline viewing. Updating Google Maps for iOS has added support for the iPad and the ability to orient in the premises.

Ukrpochta preparing to increase rates on daily newspapers and a half times

Management of the Ukrainian Association of Publishers (UPPA) reported that Ukrpochta plans to increase tariffs for delivery of the press by about 45%.

"Today Ukrpochtoy held a working meeting ... was discussed as an issue of tariff increases and the prospects for change inherent in the new draft law, which will include delivery of the press of the universal postal service, "- said in a statement UAPP.

The report notes that Ukrpochta promised today to send clarification on the impact of rate increases on the final subscription price of this edition, and the changes that will bring the bill, if adopted.

"So far we have not received the information. However inform you that according to our data, although the rate Ukrpochty delivery will be increased by about 45%, changes in the cost of the subscription amount to 7-11%, depending on the parameters of the publication," - said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Ukrpochta promised to provide a certain time (about the work week) to make adjustments to the cost of subscriptions to publications - that publishers can adjust the final cost of the subscription through and reduce the negative impact of rate increases by the number of subscribers.

Recall, last week it was reported that since September 1, Ukrainians will pay more for some services Ukrpochty.

How much land near Kiev: Experts have called the average price of land

The average transaction price for the sale of land in the last month in the Kiev region decreased to $ 19 million, the agency said the Reporter.biz SV Realty real estate consulting company SV Development.

Maximum number of transactions (71%) are in areas of up to $ 18 million, 20% in the price range from $ 18 to $ 30 million and 9% in the category of over $ 30 million

In this case, the cheapest of the districts in the 60 kilometer zone of Kiev remained Fastovskii area, with an average of $ 1 039/sotka.

The most expensive Kiev Svyatoshinsky and Obukhov district, where the average sale price (deal) is $ 4 and $ 4 780/sotka 131/sotka respectively.

Experts have found that over the period from 1 to 31 July 2013, with 25 administrative districts of Kyiv region has been made ​​1,730 transactions of purchase / sale of land on the secondary market.

In this case, the greatest demand for small plots area of ​​6-20 acres (70% of transactions), 20% came from areas between 20 and 50 acres and 10% for objects from 50 acres to 1 acre.

It was reported earlier this month that the sale price of homes near Kiev has decreased by 0.49% ($ 5) to $ 1 018/kv.m.

The largest Ukrainian language newspaper of the country said that the tax blocked her job

Since yesterday evening full activities of six companies that provide training, production and distribution of the largest portfolio of Ukraine Ukrainian-language newspaper, Express, locked.

This was reported by representatives of the Reporter.biz edition. According to a report from yesterday, all these companies are unable to instantly check invoices in the Unified Register of tax bills, which is administered by the central apparatus of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine.

"From May 1 to 15, we have encountered a similar situation. Tax Then we also blocked the activity of a full-fledged, first claiming to be acting lawfully, and then admitted that there were no grounds for blocking the companies were not. And on May 16th, after many articles in the press , the blockade stopped without any explanation, "- said the director of Express Group Andrew Wei.

He believes that on the eve of the situation repeated itself: "The actions of agencies Klimenko - a new, unlimited by law or morality deliberate attempt to exert pressure on publications that we produce. "

At the same time, the editor in chief Igor Pochinok believes that the causes of the problem are artificial and have no legal basis.

"Why, then, does it happen? Perhaps the reason is that our publications, in particular the Express newspaper, categorically refused to print promotional materials Arbuzov and Vilkul that have recently flooded the information space and the praise of those officials? "- he said.

In this case, the chief editor admitted that the cause of the problems could be a harsh criticism of the Party of Regions in the articles that have been published in the last few rooms.

"Worst of all, if all of this will be part of a more serious process, for example, the beginning of a new general offensive in the regional newspapers on the eve of the presidential campaign," - added Pochinok.

Earlier media reported that, during the traditional summer lull particularly active political show two deputy prime ministers - Sergei Arbuzov and Alexander Vilkul. Almost every day in the national and regional media leave their statements on various, often insignificant occasions.

People need a fairy tale: Kiselev told to change the news channel policy and Firtasha Liovochkin

Who led in February of this year the company national television systems, which prepares for the news channel Inter, Yevgeny Kiselyov told Forbes.ua an updated version of the policy channel.

The publication notes that following the appointment of Kiseleva share program details added 2 percentage points.

"Kiselev started to build a classic news, talk about the fact that the country and the world was the main thing, and pay less attention to Disasters" - says chief editor Natalya Telekritika Ligacheva. In her opinion, the Ukrainian viewer hungry for such programs, people are tired of the news, consisting of criminal and domestic scenes.

In an interview with Kiselyov said that for classical news summary of the key facts of what happened in the world is more important than "seamy". "When a million people take to the streets in Cairo, can not be the main news taxi accident. When the whole world is watching, which disappeared Edward Snowden , can not be high-rise buildings collapsed balcony number one news "- gave the example of a journalist.

At the same time, the editor rejects any attempt to censor or control the information policy of the authorities. Talking about what to Ukrainian audience, Kiselev said that the country is changing the model of thinking - and apart from the local socio-political squabbles Ukrainians are becoming interested in world news.

"People need a fairy tale. Eye to be switched to the other views, on the other picture," - said the head of the NIS.

Asked about the veracity of the news, Kiselev said he does not like the notion of "objective journalism." "Good journalism is always subjective. More bright and talented journalist, so it is subjective. Reading, watching just such journalists. But do not lie. Hush is not necessary", - he said.

Responding to a question about the relationship with media owners, Dmitry Firtash Levochkin and Sergey Kiselev said that accepting the position, he explained to them his vision of a news channel policy. "Apparently, they liked it" - summed up the editor.

Note that in June, in an interview with Russia's Ekho Moskvy radio media manager said that Ukrainians have little interest in the fact that "beyond the boundaries of the farm."

Earlier it was reported that Kiselev addressed to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych with a request to assist in obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.


Recall that on 1 February it was reported that GDF Media Limited, owned by businessman Dmitry Firtash acquired for $ 2.5 billion Inter Media Group in KH Media Limited, owned by former First Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky. Ultimate control over the media group will go to the company after the resolution of the AMC Firtasha

In the media group Inter Media Group Ltd. includes TV Inter, Inter, NTN, K1, K2, Pixel, Enter-Film, Mega, MTV Ukraine, as well as other companies in the field of production and marketing.

Inter TV channel among the top three most popular TV channels of Ukraine (with a share of 14-16% according to recent months.) Its net income in 2011 increased by 30.9% - to UAH 744.77 million, almost returning to pre-crisis level of 2008. Net loss decreased by 29.5% - to UAH 137.63 million.

Verka Serduchka not removed from the air for gay propaganda - the representatives of the channel

Representatives of the Russian TV channel 1 dismissed reports that the ban on the appearance in the TV show Saturday Night Andrew Danilko acting in the image of Verka Serduchka.

According to the TV station employees, contract Danilko of a program expired on Saturday evening about four months ago.

Also, they noted that this artist continues to speak on the air with TV musical numbers, and negotiations are ongoing about his involvement in the New Year lights on Shabolovke.
Note that today the media reported that Danilko allegedly taken off the air Saturday evening program. The reason it was called that image of the artist may violate the prohibition of propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations.

In addition to the above, we recall, on June 11 of this year, the Russian State Duma adopted in the third and final reading, the resonance law on fines for the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors.

Saturday evening - a weekly concert program, which airs channel Russia 1, 2005. In the story of the TV show in the studio at the tables sit Shabolovke film actors and singers, politicians and athletes, tell stories and sing popular songs. Unchanged is the leading Sabbath evening Nikolai Baskov .