среда, 21 августа 2013 г.

Google will be targeted advertising based on the location of the user and his needs

Internet giant Google has allowed to show advertisements in the mobile version of Google Maps after entering a search query.

Thus, as reported, citing Digit.ru on Google, advertisers can target my messages based on the user's location and the fact that he is looking at the map.

It is reported that a new type of advertising users see the Google Maps application for iPhone, iPad and mobile devices on the platform Android. After the user enters a search query in the application at the bottom of the screen displays a block with name, address and reference to the routes to the relevant business organizations.

Reported that the user can deploy this unit to get more information. If he clicks on the advertising message to find the location of the business, it will also see the address, phone number, photos and feedback about this organization.

For example, if a user searches for a mobile device "Italian restaurant", the new ad unit will display information about the nearest such institutions.

According to the Internet giant, Google will charge advertisers a fee for the initial click "get location data", click on forwarding to the bell and someone clicks on the ad headlines.

In this case, the platform Google AdWords customers are required to pay a maximum of two clicks from the category of paid per one message display. For the preservation of information about the company's future, sending it to a friend or navigation Google to charge advertisers will not.

Recall that Google has updated Maps application for Android and iOS in July of this year. In the version of Android for the company abandoned the service locator that allows to leave a mark on the location, as well as from the traditional offline viewing. Updating Google Maps for iOS has added support for the iPad and the ability to orient in the premises.

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