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Club resourceful: permanent leader WHC earns millions of dollars on the show - Forbes

Russian TV host Alexander Maslyakov through his companies Amick earns on TV coverage, joint touring tours KVN teams and individual performances of participants kaveenovskih leagues at different levels of at least $ 3.5 million a year, says Forbes.ru
In this case, the publication, in the production of content - writing humorous texts, training rooms, etc. - the company can not be embedded.

According Forbes.ru, regional speech commands Amick controls due to the ban on the use of the abbreviation WHC outside official events. For each statement in the regional or central league (except TV), each team is required to pay a fee depending on the level of the game - from several thousand to 20 thousand rubles. Captains of several teams told the newspaper that part of the money will be deducted in the budget Amick, but the bulk of the money goes to pay for work of a writer (which is usually offered by the company) and the rental of the hall for rehearsals.

In addition, the company Maslyakova gets up to 40% of the performance of KVN teams in concerts and corporate parties. As the Forbes.ru director of the Moscow team, which plays in the Premier League, revenue for the ordinary corporate is not less than 50,000 rubles for New Year's - 150 000-200 000. KVN go to such costs, because the demand depends strongly on the degree of their involvement in the established system, in particular on access to broadcast TV appearances, which controls Amick.
In addition, a concert organized by the department of touring. Lucky Alexander five teams in European cities. The boys are heading voluntary-compulsory - can not give up because they play in the season - a former player told a Moscow teams participating in the Major League. In 2005, he says, in one such concert, each team member received $ 100. Another representative of the Moscow team, which plays in the TV league, says that now charge for one performance is just over $ 300 per participant. Sergey Pisarenko of the county town said that at the time of tours Amick team received $ 1,300 for a concert. At the same time, estimated to Forbes, with a total yield of one performance in a hall with a capacity of 700 people is more than $ 20,000.

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