среда, 21 августа 2013 г.

Jackpot of 15,000 hryvnia completed action "Guess the sound!"

More than two months on the air Nashe Radio sounded a variety of sounds: the writing pen, the wood crackled in the fire, and the rustle of banknotes purring cat ... Listeners who guessed sounds, won tens of thousands of hryvnia! Thus, the jackpot of 37 000 hryvnia tore Oksana sprayed from Odessa, 13000 hryvnia went to Mariupol Svetlana Strutinskaya, 8000 hryvnia won kievlyanin Gregory Malec. And that's without considering the huge number of prizes for 1000, 2000 and 3000 hryvnia, which were won by students from all over Ukraine.
The last sound-job lasted a week on the air, having increased during this time the jackpot of 15 000 hryvnia! Love was able to guess it Minkovskiy from Kiev, with the support of his team: "We played and listened to the campaign from the start, but the call came only at the end. As soon as the sound came on the air, we are co-workers thought it was a manual watering. And when the sound extended understood that this shovel, dig that, and called together all the office, even the director connected! Now at 15,000 won by the whole team go on vacation! "

Take a short break and give their phones can cool off and the rest of Nashe Radio listeners, but not for long - the program director of the station by Roman Davydov promises soon new stock no less vivid: "Guess the Sound" - it was something incredible: 1.5 million calls from wanting to get on the air and 150 000 hryvnia played out - after the action of this magnitude, the following can only be even cooler! "

After a couple of weeks on our radio launched a project that will leave the audience indifferent!

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